Tips to design a modern living room

The modern style combines both neutrality and elegant minimalist. Not least because of this, arranging a living room in a modern style is far from being a simple matter. Indeed, to avoid falling into excess while creating a contemporary and elegant living room, you must take into account certain criteria. In particular, you need to think about clean lines as well as color schemes that rhyme with the style of the room, without forgetting the basic colors that should always remain neutral. Decorative accessories should also not be overlooked. Also, note that perfectly slanted design pieces enhance the modern decorating style.  

Which furniture to adopt for a modern living room?

To focus on comfort and practicality while transforming your living room into a den of modernity, you must choose the furniture well. For this, furniture with clean styles and simple shapes will surely reveal the personality of the room. Also consider removing furniture that you don't need to avoid overload. And for you to have the possibility to circulate in all serenity, do not hesitate to leave some space between each piece of furniture. As for the choice of sofa, choose a totally comfortable model, since modernity does not necessarily harmonize with austerity. Adopting a refined look, the fabric will undoubtedly offer a softness to the room. While leather brings a richness to the visual side. And if you want to open up your living space, choose a sofa without armrests. As for the coffee table, the clutter should be carefully avoided. A model without fuss, all being light namely a glass coffee table will surely do the trick. In case you plan to bring a touch of originality to your living room, choose an atypical material, namely driftwood or concrete.

The right colors for a contemporary living room

There are a multitude of possibilities for a successful modern living room decor. Of course, you will not let go of the neutral tones, in monochrome version, but that does not prevent you from betting on black and white, for instance. However, you shouldn’t forget if you want, of course, the touches of color to the whole. Without question, the neutral palette is particularly fond of a contemporary style. For this, you will have several colors including off-white, gray, beige and taupe. These colors truly soothe the eye while contributing to the look of your room. On the other hand, those who want to enjoy a chic and modern living room think of black and white. All that's left to do is compose the living room of your dreams with the right accessories. For example, to recall the two shades, why not choose cushions, a glossy coffee table designed in white and a black floor lamp. In addition, you will have the opportunity to lean towards the monochrome to play the contrasts of a single color. Thus, you can choose shades of gray on the walls, combined with sofa fabrics of white cushions and a carpet to accommodate with the ceiling.

Decorative objects that rhyme with a modern living room

Do not think of overloading the room with unusable decorative objects. Instead, focus on very original favorites to bring character to your room while serving as modern living room decor. Try to put all the clutter out of sight, namely in closed furniture and store everything that cannot be hidden. An essential element of your decor, the light fixture is a real point of focus for your modern living room. Opt for an original floor lamp that is light and designed to be installed mainly above the sofa for a modern and daring touch that will adorn the entire living room. Better yet, consider dressing your sofa area with a carpet that will delight your living space. Several models are available on the market. Geometrically patterned rugs are a great way to liven up the neutral tones in your room. To ensure that the cushions find their place in your modern living room, choose them carefully. Colorful or patterned cushions add value to a modern living room decor.

The green touch

Nature is well placed to act as a modern living room decor. If you've got a green thumb, all you need to do is install plants wisely and you're done. In addition to naturally warming up the atmosphere that seems cold, this touch of greenery will discreetly distract the space. A truly original idea to design a modern living room in all simplicity and comfort. That's it, you've got it. From now on, you won't have any difficulty in transforming your living room into a modern room, making of it a welcoming cocoon.    
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