Faces: the physiognomic and artistic decoration is on the rise

The physiognomic and artistic decoration appeared in the decoration from the year 2020. Faces with eyes and noses can invite themselves to your home on various artistic elements. You can find these faces on your wall decoration like a canvas. If you are an artist, you can easily make them at home or call an expert if not.

Physiognomy and artistic decoration is on the rise

The new style of decorating with an artistic face is currently a huge success. It is especially the style sought by fans of decoration especially for those who appreciate the unique style showing a rare singularity. The drawn faces that you can often see in an interior decoration are related to the Picasso style. You can easily adopt this physiognomic and artistic decoration at home just by taking models from the Internet without overdoing it. You should also know that this kind of style is also invited to the table. In order to have a complete kinfolk style, you can find the face patterns on your round or even asymmetrical plates.

Face decoration: the best trend to follow

The face decoration will firstly be adopted on your walls as wall decoration. You can have various kinds of drawing for faces to put under frame. These first paintings are notably stylish and colorful. It will really make you think of the famous Picasso's painting with these abstract and original shapes. These rather colorful faces can perfectly go in a bohemian style decoration where a small recall of color is effective. There are also several types of faces made for the dishes. As for the murals, it is also possible to find on your dishes Picasso, with a beautiful color. However, you will sometimes have a little trouble identifying the elements of the face. After that, you can opt for a poet style where the features of the faces are more identifiable, in an easy way, with a singular drawing line.

Favor the abstract and colorful style

Among some face decorations, you will find colorful faces that will ideally go with a bohemian decor, well colored and these bring out the originality of your interior. Also, there is the abstract face decoration refined and simplistic. The silhouettes are drawn with a single line made with pencil, which will give these faces a sort of continuous line. These styles of faces will easily fit in any kind of interior since they are rather sober. In a living room or a bedroom, you will surely like this trendy touch. As a wall decoration or an item placed on your dresser, these types of frames are the stars of the modern interior.    
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