Deco trend: it will be hard to miss ceramic!

Decoration is an art that allows to embellish a room of a house by choosing the best accessories and organizing them in a way which pleases the eye. It therefore requires a certain level of creativity and conformity to fashion. Currently, ceramics is a very common trend in the world of decoration. But what makes it different? In order to find more about ceramics and decoration, it is necessary to review a basic notion about its manufacture and its qualities in relation to decoration.

What is ceramics?

Ceramics has existed since the dawn of time. This is justified by the discovery of fossils dating back to prehistoric times. Thus, it has undergone changes and is now used in many fields such as glassmaking, metallurgy, agriculture, manufacturing, chemistry and construction. It also takes a large place in the world of decoration. In the past, it was classified as a worthless utensil as opposed to what we see today. Ceramic accessories have become a big trend recently. Sure, it dusts up quickly, but that's what makes it valuable. Opting for ceramic decoration to embellish your home is a good choice.

How are ceramic decorations made?

There are several ways of making ceramic decorations. As examples, three methods will be mentioned below. First, colored ceramic pastes are made from naturally colored clays. They can also be modeled from clays tinted with artificial colorants. Next, stamping consists of putting clay on a plastered mold. After removing the material from the mold, the excess material is polished off. Stamping is an interesting technique because the molding allows to have a personalized shape. And finally, the mixed clay is made by mixing two clays of different colors. These techniques take place before the firing of the ceramic.

Why choose ceramics for decoration?

At the moment, ceramic decoration is very popular with decorators. It is not the same form as it was in the past. It has evolved over time. It is no longer a simple utensil neglected in the past. Indeed, there are many criteria that make it take the first place of the most requested decoration accessories. It is artisanal, handmade and authentic. Vases, pitchers, teapots, plates and flower pots are invaded by ceramic materials. Opting for it, gives the impression of returning to the origins. In addition, its manufacturing process respects the environment. In fact, it does not require the use of substances that could harm nature. Thus, you will not regret choosing ceramic for your decorations.    
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