Decoration: Feng Shui

The rules of Feng Shui applied to the bedroom

Feng Shui is the ideal decoration to feel good at home. Feng Shui is a Chinese art of living which is based on 5 elements: water, earth, fire, wood and metal. Feng Shui decoration is applied to create a relaxing…

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What are the benefits of a Feng Shui decoration?

For your information, the Feng Shui decoration designates a type of arrangement as well as a decoration having for origin in China coming from an ideology of the really distant centuries. Indeed, this style consists in arranging the interior of…

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How to design a garden according to the rules of Feng Shui?

In order to create the most balance at home, in addition to the house, it is also important to arrange your exterior according to the Feng Shui rules. To do so, you need to balance yin and yang through the…

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The 10 mistakes to avoid to live Zen according to Feng Shui

The smallest of details can change an entire life. Moreover, it is possible to improve the living quality by avoiding mistakes in the design, no matter simple they may be. Indeed, adopting the Feng Shui mindset, a thousand-year-old Chinese art,…

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