The rules of Feng Shui applied to the bedroom

Feng Shui is the ideal decoration to feel good at home. Feng Shui is a Chinese art of living which is based on 5 elements: water, earth, fire, wood and metal. Feng Shui decoration is applied to create a relaxing environment, favorable to concentration. Discover some tips for a successful Feng Shui bedroom design.

Designing a Feng Shui room

Feng Shui is about harmonious decoration that allows for a warm atmosphere and a Zen attitude in your home. Here are some simple tips to create a pleasant and benevolent atmosphere in your home. The arrangement of furniture is essential to create a Feng Shui atmosphere in your room. The house should not be cluttered. Installing only the essential furniture is enough to avoid cluttering the room. Choose furniture with rounded shapes. The furniture should be positioned correctly so that you can move around the house freely. The room must be well ventilated. Cleaning is also mandatory. Basically, the room should be quiet, clean, spacious and tidy. You can also diffuse essential oils to sanitize your interior.

Feng Shui decoration

A Feng Shui room is synonymous with a harmonious home. Born in ancient China, the goal of Feng Shui is to promote well-being, calm and health. The layout of the furniture, the choice of colors and materials are essential for a successful decoration. Choose softer lighting to create a Feng Shui room. You can install accessories such as plants, mirrors and pictures to have a pleasant and soft atmosphere. Pictures and posters are welcome. Install a fountain inside or outside the house. You can also add candles in the room to add sensuality.

Rules on colors

To live in harmony, opt for Feng Shui decoration! This decoration is recommended for the bedroom adornment to improve the quality of sleep. A Feng Shui bedroom favors concentration and reflection. It allows a harmonious interior atmosphere where it is good to live. The choice of colors is very important to create a Feng Shui bedroom. This choice is essential for a Zen interior design. Cool colors (light gray, pale blue) are preferred. You can also opt for light tones and pastel colors to promote a Zen space. However, the choice of color can vary depending on the type of room to decorate. In particular, gray and blue are ideal for the office. Choose the color pink to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in your bedroom or bathroom. Yellow is perfect for the kitchen and living room.    
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