How does a Catalysis lamp work?

At the beginning of the 20th century, people used the catalysis lamp for the elimination of microbes. Indeed, this technology is highly recommended by hospitals. It removes bad odors and gives a new and pleasant feeling. However, most people are unaware of its operating principle and conditions of use. This often prevents users from having a Catalysis lamp permanently. Therefore, it is better to know everything about this lamp.

Catalysis lamp: a revolutionary technology

Also known as the Lampe Berger, this technology is part of a brand belonging to the home fragrance groups. In 1895, the catalysis lamp was dedicated to purifying the air in hospitals. However, today you can use it to eliminate bad odors and decorate the interior of your home. In fact, the chemists Gerhardt and Von Liebig are the ones who discovered this process. In July 15, 1895, the products were distributed to various pharmacies. In fact, this discovery is based on catalytic combustion. This process consists of carrying out a chemical reaction on the essences. In that time, the purification of the ambient air was the first experiment proven by research. Therefore, the first test was carried out in hospitals and homes. Nowadays, everyone orders a diffuser kit from Maison Berger.

The functioning of the catalytic lamp

For daily needs, everyone wants to feel very good. So, apart from the purification and decoration that this lamp brings, there are still different uses for it. First, this tool is composed of a snuffer, mounts, wicks, a catalytic burner and a lamp body. In this case, the operation is done in a few steps. To use it, you pour the fragrance into the lamp. Then, you put the burner in place. This last one consists in making the perfume go up towards the catalytic part. Then, you light the burner and blow it. This allows the setting of the frames. This principle could help you to face all risks. Indeed, the temperature of the catalyst can reach up to 600°C. The central part of the lamp is made of ceramic. It can reach up to 300 ° C.  In any case, the duration of use of the catalytic lamp is about half an hour.

The different types of catalytic lamps

To avoid bad smells and to create an olfactory air, different types of lamps are available today for this purpose. In this case, it is important to choose the best fragrance. This will allow you to have a healthy air which is pleasant to breathe. If you are unsure which fragrances suit you, you can try bergamot, lavender, linen and jasmine which could offer you a new sensation. There are also rose, vanilla and white tea in case you want to change your scent. This allows both to embellish the decoration of your home and to eliminate unpleasant odors.    
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