How to replace the scented candles harmful to our health?

Cooking, showering, coming home from work or any other reason to light a scented candle at home are all good. It gives off a delicious scent and creates a comfortable atmosphere for the room. Yet, is it really necessary to have a scented candle in your home?

The scented candle

Scented candles smell good. However, don't be fooled. This doesn't mean that everything they release is good. Just look at the list of ingredients and you'll realize that some of them cause health problems and can cause cancer. When you go shopping for cheap candles in a store, there is a possibility that the wax is kerosene based. In fact, it is a cheaper product for the manufacturer. Kerosene wax is extracted from petroleum residues. Therefore, it can be very toxic to your health. The chemicals used to make candles are also found in the perfumes and wicks. Industries use synthetic fragrances to make candles with vanilla, lavender or citrus undertones. As an example, chemical ingredients such as limonene are used in citrus scents. When this fragrance is combined with heat, it can irritate the mucous membrane and become toxic. For more information, visit

Do scented candles pollute the air?

Sometimes the air we breathe at home is much more polluted than the air outside. In fact, several habits can increase humidity and release toxins into our space. When you light scented candles in the home, you should follow the recommendations for use. But, how many of you do this? Its lighting should not exceed a certain number of hours depending on the candle. By the way, the burning of candles will release a certain amount of hazardous substances into the air. The process of burning releases methane, a gas that can cause irritation when inhaled. The chemicals found in the candle are also released when exposed to heat. This makes people more susceptible to respiratory problems of varying severity.

Replacing harmful scented candles

There are three main types of waxes used to make candles: kerosene wax, beeswax and vegetable wax, such as soy wax. Kerosene wax is nowadays an ingredient obtained from oil in refineries, while beeswax and vegetable wax are natural. Therefore, you can use natural substances to replace kerosene wax. In fact, natural waxes do not contain additives or fragrances, but they are also the most expensive. To be absolutely sure of what you're burning, choose a 100% natural and untreated eco-friendly wick.  
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