The 10 mistakes to avoid to live Zen according to Feng Shui

The smallest of details can change an entire life. Moreover, it is possible to improve the living quality by avoiding mistakes in the design, no matter simple they may be. Indeed, adopting the Feng Shui mindset, a thousand-year-old Chinese art, is a way to achieve this and to be able to feel good at home with a well-cared decoration. There are therefore 10 mistakes to avoid.

Mistakes not to make concerning the bed

Feng Shui is based on the balance of energies inside a house. To allow this, first of all, you must avoid sleeping under a mansard, that is to say, placing the bed under a slope or in the attic. This is one of the mistakes to avoid according to Feng Shui, as it is explained that this would cause a loss of energy that will disrupt sleep. Secondly, in the same way, you should not stick the headboard of the bed to the wall of a bathroom or toilet. In addition to being unattractive and unpleasant, it would create unpleasantness at the level of spirituality. Thirdly, one should avoid placing the bed under a window or near openings, because it is said that energies escape through these doors and windows.

What not to do with furniture

It is important to know that inside the cabinets, clutter is often the order of the day. So, in order to avoid facing this spectacle, you should avoid installing any cabinets without doors. Another mistake is to place a desk facing the wall. Indeed, facing the wall puts the person in an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation. You need at least the idea of a view in front of you. Then, as much as possible, it is preferable not to have too much furniture or angular objects. Round shapes should be preferred, as they are more favorable to energy balance.

Mistakes with other objects

It is clear that one of the Feng Shui recommendations is not to place electrical or electronic objects near a bed. Obviously, if there are too many cables near the bed, the waves released will have negative effects on health. Secondly, it is not advisable to concentrate too many objects in the same room. The accumulation of objects in a room encourages low morale and irritability, because it hinders the circulation of energy. Also, according to the principles of Fen Shui, hanging a mirror in front of an opening is not a good idea. The mirror reflects the energies and sends them back to the outside. Finally, regarding lighting, you should choose a single light source, such as a single ceiling light. The latter gives life to the room and also allows to light the dark corners.    
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