Floral art: how to design a plant wall yourself?

The plant wall is a very trendy decoration at the moment. In addition to its decorative functions, it is especially very ecological and it participates in the greening of many large cities to better protect the environment. How to create and enjoy a green wall at home?

Creating a green wall at home

To create a green wall at home from start to finish, you must first make your own gabion. To do this, you need a small mesh screen, the size of which depends on the size of the wall, and sphagnum moss to retain water. In order to create a gabion that can fix the plants well, you need a square of wire mesh, about 40cm x 40cm. Afterwards, it must be filled with wet and wrung out sphagnum moss. Otherwise, in specialized gardening stores, there are already gabions ready to use. With the technology and creativity of landscape designers, there are also ready-made tables to put plants with easy watering systems. Now that the gabion is ready, you can put your plants in it; 7 to 8 plants with bare roots for the size 40×40. Please note that you have to put a 5cm air gap between your wall and the plant wall.

Which plants to choose for your green wall?

To make a plant wall participating in the decoration of the environment, you must know how to choose its plants. For that, you have to take into account some parameters, because each plant has specific needs. Indeed, all plants need water and light. But according to their characteristics and their species, these needs differ from one plant to another. Given the arrangement of plants on a green wall, it is advisable to put the plants with a strong need for water at the bottom, and those that can withstand a strong light, at the top. Therefore, it is important to get the right information from specialists before buying plants for your green wall.

Indoor or outdoor green wall?

Green walls can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, currently, especially in large cities, many choose to compose a green wall at home for a touch of greenery and fresh air. However, you must be careful with plants inside the house, because of photosynthesis, they can harm your health, if they are numerous. For the kitchen, you can create a green wall composed of aromatic herbs. These are useful for meals and are also natural aromatic barriers. In addition, they are very aesthetic. Otherwise, you can choose a stabilized plant wall for your interior. It is a kind of mummified plant, which is very decorative, and does not need maintenance. However, you must be careful not to let these plants get exposed to natural light.    
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