Wire lights are overshadowing traditional pendant lights

Wire lighting fixtures are invading interiors. Whether they are revisited in design variations or traditional one, they give undeniable charm to the large living room as well as other spaces. So that the lighting becomes the decorative element that is full-fledged and creates the poetic atmosphere in the house. Therefore, it is important to adopt the wire lights to perfection.

What is a wire light?

The wire light is made of wires creating a very clean and airy structure. These lights are currently back in the spotlight, driven by a minimalist and design trend. They exist in a variety of imposing models. They are, originally, the suspensions that we hang on the wall or ceiling as other lights that belong to this category. Nowadays, they are declined in a multitude of different lights through table lamps, side lamps, revisited chandeliers or lampshades. One of the great advantages of wire lights is the play of shadows they offer. Projected on the ceiling or on a wall of a large room, the lighting is more poetic and it greatly interferes with the atmosphere of the room. That's why it must be strategically placed to obtain a personalized universe in some spaces of the house.

The light becomes a decoration

Wire lights can become a decorative element when chosen in the oversized version dominating the room. In the living room or in the large living room, we bet, for example, on the metal suspension to hang on top of the glass table to accentuate the light effect or the dining table to give a chic look on the dining area. If the walls of the room are white, break up a total look with the graphic black light fixture or choose the real eye-catching lighted work of art.

Choosing lights for each room

Of course, wire lighting can be used throughout the house. However, it is advisable to choose different models for each space. In the bathroom, for example, we prefer the discreet lamp to put against the wall on a chest of drawers or a console to give a soothing side. In the bedroom, we opt instead for wire shades to energize the bedside table or wire lights in pastel or copper tones. In the living room, we choose a wire light in harmony with a style of the room. It can be discreet in the Scandinavian office, industrial in the open living room, excellent design in the modern dining room or more imposing in the bohemian lounge.    
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