Trend: when decoration makes its 70s show!

You want to add Pop and Funky touches of a thousand flashy colors to your decorations or your objects? Dare the seventies decoration! More than a simple decoration, it will add a great touch of pep to your daily life and brighten up your days at home. Combined with a modern style or preserved as it is, discover the magic of the 70s decor.

Original furniture and accessories!

When we talk about the 70's, it is mostly about the furniture that we associate with the disco era and the time of the objects that are inspired by the atypical, the space but also the UFOs. With a particular design, get a round table or a ball chair to remind you of these extremely solar and alive years in your home. Furthermore, the trade today offers thousands of choices of furniture in terms of the seventies’ decor. It can be kitchen furniture that will bring dynamism in the preparation of your dishes. There are also several models of sofa where you can enjoy your moments of conviviality. Very popular at the time, accessories and objects made of transparent materials are back in fashion today to brighten your spaces. With a rounded shape, these pieces of furniture will be able to adapt to your preferences to transport you back to those famous disco years.

Petulant and electric colors

At the center of the seventies’ decor, color is an important element that allows you to personalize your interior and even give more character to your walls and furniture. Many bright and flashy colors are available, but you can specifically use orange, red or pink for your wallpapers or for your curtains. The big trend of the time also was to transpose two different colors to create patterns or graphics that jump to the eyes. For simpler decorations, adopt cooler colors that still recall the color codes of the seventies. In addition, do not hesitate to opt for wallpapers of a thousand models and different patterns.

The 70's decorations are strongly coming back

Inspired by retro or disco styles, the seventies’ decorations are very coveted by interior designers who never cease to satisfy everyone. The elements of decorations of this era are also sold like hotcakes on the side of flea markets or online sales platforms of decoration. Carpets, curtains or other decorative materials, the seventies are everywhere and rely on dynamic looks to revive the appearance of your interiors through various colors, shapes and different structures. Accessible to everyone, adding a touch of seventies to your decorations is not at all expensive and it remains easy to achieve.    
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