Do you have the decorating spirit?

Decorating is the best way to pass the time and de-stress while giving a new look to the interior. But how can you get into the spirit of decorating?

The spirit of creation is sometimes difficult in the world of interior design. One always wonders how to be the most creative. Finding the answer to this question requires following a few well-defined procedures. These will allow you to broaden your horizon and come up with new ideas for your home.

It is important for this, to align the symbolic values of painting, the modern trend of designs and the creative spirit. The decoration is indeed a singular way of living and expressing oneself.

Harmonizing and personalizing your decoration is an art!


My decoration, from inspiration to realization!

Living room

Would you like to have a living room that inspires creation and relaxation? Discover lamps and fragrances to create a comfortable space that reflects your personality by visiting


Let your imagination run wild and give your bedroom a complete friendly look by following simple, practical tips from interior design experts.


Thinking of giving your kitchen a new look? A trendy decoration must respect some rules. Follow the tips given by specialists in the field.


Do you want a welcoming, contemporary bathroom? If you want to beautify this room, decoration must be present. Follow these tips from the experts to make it happen.


How to choose the right materials? Why choose one color and not another? Find out why certain decisions have been made to give the entryway a modern, brocaded look.


When it comes to decoration, it’s all about being bold. Find out how to combine the balcony theme with the rest of the rooms in your home. Relax and follow these thoughtful ideas.

Call on a decorating coach!

Coaching is an essential tool for achieving decorating goals. The coach has the necessary techniques to accompany you in the realization of your project. Moreover, this professional enjoys helping individuals develop their talent.

Innovative ideas

Innovative ideas



Tips and advice

Tips and advice

Trendy decoration

Trendy decoration



Feng shui can be used to beautify your home to create a loving, warm, pleasant and friendly home.
The decorating tips used in feng shui are slightly different from the traditional method.

The Feng Shui trend

Decorating trends to find the right mood

Colors materials

Colors & materials

An infinite number of materials are at your disposal to bring an authentic decorative touch. Choose natural and soft colors for a warm atmosphere.

Objects decor

Objects & art deco

Trends follow one another, both in the setting of decoration and in artistic creation. Some of them defy time, others depend more on a particular era.

Ecological decoration

Ecological decoration

Ecological decoration requires a certain amount of knowledge in this area, when you consider, of course, the colors, patterns, but also the materials that have a decisive character.

Giving your decor a facelift

new look to your decor

Giving a new look to your decor necessarily implies the combination of materials, colors and style, according to your desires. In the world of decoration, creating a new atmosphere requires a creative mind to master the chosen ambiance.